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The Chief of Excitement

My friends at Plywood People do much more than let me write from time to time on their blog… they inspire, educate, and encourage me to do good and to do it better. Not too long from now, I’ll post a link to the official Refuge Coffee website, but for now enjoy reading a little snippet of how it’s going. Start here and jump on over to Plywood…

I am a newly minted CEO. Sorta.

This is superbly weird, and if you knew me, you might think so too. I’d rather jump on the trampoline with my grandkids than look at a spreadsheet. My mantra is “I see something shiny.” I can barely string two linear thoughts together. I’m a writer, for real. Being a writer gives me excuses to create more margin for myself than any self-respecting CEO would make for him or herself, and, besides, writers are flaky. Fact.

So how on earth did I get to be a CEO? I’ll tell you, but I may shout “Squirrel!” along the way, so bear with me. Oh, and for your information, let’s call me the Chief Excitement Officer instead of the Executive kind. Excitement may be, after all, my greatest gift…

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