By now you may suspect that I post a chapter from my old book, A LONG WAY OFF, when I’m running low on material, and you’d be right. But what I’ve learned… Continue reading right here


I used to be afraid God would make me weird. Some people worry about getting sent to Timbuktu or who they might “have to” marry if they genuinely take up their cross… Continue reading right here

Three Ways to Face Your (Worst) Fears

I am 57 years old. In a few paragraphs, you’ll understand why this is important. I’ve written a book several editors like but won’t publish about how dying is essential to the… Continue reading right here

Cure for the Post-Vacation Malaise

I have this window in my day that is necessary to my well-being. Somewhere between 2:30 in the afternoon and 5:00, for at least twenty minutes, sometimes more, I drink one cup… Continue reading right here

A Gift, Just For Subscribing

I’m going on vacation next week! I can’t remember anticipating or needing a vacation this much in a long, long time. I will most likely write… I have notes on “An Email… Continue reading right here

My Husband’s Profound Thought, To Which I Have Added 700 Words

If you knew how many blog posts I write that start with one off-hand remark my husband made, you’d call me a bad name. Plagiarist. Interloper of ideas. Thief. Sometimes I give… Continue reading right here

The No Filter Challenge

I have friends whose only function in my life, unbeknownst to them, is to make me jealous. Like my friend, Elaine. Miles and decades and life experience separate Elaine and me from… Continue reading right here

The Chief of Excitement

My friends at Plywood People do much more than let me write from time to time on their blog… they inspire, educate, and encourage me to do good and to do it… Continue reading right here

Parenting, Over-Simplified

My husband is famous for his simplifications. And I am famous for resisting them. He gestures toward Point B with—to me—inappropriate idealism, and I stand there at Point A thinking—realistically—of what it… Continue reading right here

Our Children are Freaks of Mercy

I don’t think we are the only parents with a story that starts like this: “Have we told you about the time we almost killed our children?” This story is not funny,… Continue reading right here

Ten Blogging Helps for the Serious Writer

Thanks to my friends at Proskuneo School of the Arts, I had a reason this summer to feel like an expert in something. They asked me to talk to a group of… Continue reading right here

This Old Couch: Or How Our Sofas Tell Our Marriage Story

Bill and I tell each other our marriage story over and over. We started this practice somewhere around our twelfth anniversary, over dinner. First we came up with a best-of list for… Continue reading right here

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