The Cure for Social Media Shame

Confession: I adore instagram. I just love those tiny, forgiving pictures with their enigmatic captions, the ones you can’t expand to see better, the snapshots of all things adventurous, banal, comedic, ultra… Continue reading right here

A Factory for Dreams

I love ideas. People come to me with theirs all the time, and I get a real kick out of hearing them. Several good ideas of my own knock around in my… Continue reading right here

Husbands: Preach the Gospel to Your Wives

There was this time, about a year into our marriage, when I stood with my hands on my hips in the narrow galley kitchen of our apartment and told Bill: “I don’t… Continue reading right here

Mama Bear: 10 Reasons Why Maternal Ursinity is Almost Never a Good Idea

Because I got the flu this week, you get leftovers. The following post is the most viewed on this blog, so chances are you’ve already read it. But in case you haven’t… Continue reading right here

This is it

Here’s a little update on life in Clarkston, Georgia, on the small efforts we’re making with others to bless our little city, and the miracles (in the form of people) God uses here and there… Continue reading right here

The Manger in my Martha Heart

“Life is overwhelming. Just make sure you’re overwhelmed by the right things.”  That’s vintage wisdom from my husband. If I’m honest, Christmas is overwhelming. Usually in a good way, but then all… Continue reading right here

Heaven’s Poetry and Clumsy Wise Men

Here is our Wise Man. We’ve known him for over thirty years, ever since my mother-in-law gave us our Avon nativity, year after year adding a new grouping to the tableau our… Continue reading right here

Sometimes You Really Need a Reason

Sometimes I need a reason to go on. A reason to do the next thing when the next thing feels like the sum of every single hard, scary next thing I’ve ever… Continue reading right here

When the Word Lies Dormant, Hope Does Not

I woke last Black Friday morning with an unfamiliar ache. I’m not being figurative here. My thighs ached. I reached for my friend Advil to go with my coffee. Then I remembered… Continue reading right here

Unscripted Blessings

{I hope you’re like me. As in I hope your memory is as flawed as mine is. I’m reposting today because the rest of life, the non-writing part, is closing in. So… Continue reading right here

Attack of the Widgets

So, here is my official apology for sending out a practice widget to one and all this weekend! Chalk this one up to a technologically overloaded brain. Even so, I would love… Continue reading right here

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