Unscripted Blessings

{I hope you’re like me. As in I hope your memory is as flawed as mine is. I’m reposting today because the rest of life, the non-writing part, is closing in. So… Continue reading right here

Attack of the Widgets

So, here is my official apology for sending out a practice widget to one and all this weekend! Chalk this one up to a technologically overloaded brain. Even so, I would love… Continue reading right here

Refuge Coffee Co.

Girl Meets Boy: Holiday Edition

{The holidays are coming, and we are gonna eat around here. I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about cooking for men, and I’m re-sharing them with you here today…… Continue reading right here

Why “Shake it Off” is a Good Life Skill (Maybe If You’re Twelve and Life is Good)

Taylor Swift, thank you. Thanks for yet another upbeat song for my running playlist. Thanks for hopping up my granddaughters on your mojo so that every day with them is a happy… Continue reading right here

When Grace Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

{I wrote today’s post before spending all day Tuesday in the ER with my husband. He’s still here (not in the ER, thank goodness, but in the hospital) and doing well in… Continue reading right here

Excuse Me, There’s Vomit on Your Shoe

Don’t even get me started talking about Refuge Coffee. I have that obsessive edge starters get at the beginning of something. I’m insufferable. It’s all I want to talk about. I’m sorry,… Continue reading right here

If You’re Not a Hoarder You Might Be This (Or Confessions of a Neatness Addict Mom)

This is an extra busy season of life at the Murray house. Weddings, holidays, new non-profit business, to name the most obvious reasons for more disorder than I am comfortable with in… Continue reading right here

What To Do When God Waits

About the time my husband graduated from seminary, there was this über spiritual fad going around. Don’t send resumés to find a job; just wait on the Lord. Thankfully, Bill is not… Continue reading right here

Becoming a Teachable Mom (Or Button-Pushers and Arm-Patters)

Parenting, like marriage, starts out all theory. Which is why new parents, like new husbands and wives, can seem teachable. We read books, we seek advice, we ask questions. And then reality… Continue reading right here

Arguing with Pink: Broken is Better Than Bent

Sometimes I argue with the music. Usually this happens in the car while the radio is playing. There’s this song you’ve probably heard Pink sing. It’s catchy, not in a I’m-all-about-that-bass way,… Continue reading right here

The High Calling of Cozy (Or Confessions of an Unhospitable Heart)

For years, our sons’ friends used to say, “Mrs. Murray, your house is so cozy.” Despite how quaint this sounded coming from the mouth of a fifteen-year-old boy, I always suspected there… Continue reading right here

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