The Sanctity of the Arm Pat, or How to Be a Humble Parent Not Just a Humbled One

We had a certain feng shui in our home. As noticeable as the furniture placement, our mix of six personalities was exquisitely balanced. Three of us are intense, confrontational extroverts. Three of… Continue reading right here

Why Less is More, or a Boy Mom Learns to Play Hard to Get

I had breakfast with one of my sons this week. Somewhere between our first cups of coffee and our last, he looked at me across the table and said, “We should do… Continue reading right here

The Poster Child for Pastor’s-Family-Goes-to-Hell-in-a-Hand-Basket

Years ago I was the poster child for Pastor’s-Family-Goes-to-Hell-in-a-Hand-Basket. I did not choose this role. In fact, if I could have, I would have chosen to be the poster child for Pastor’s-Family-is-Almost-Perfect,… Continue reading right here

Parents: Take the Long Jump into Mystery

I’ve been working on this post called something like Mama, Don’t Feed Your Children Christian Clichés. In my best snarky voice, I was going to make fun of those moms who demand… Continue reading right here

How a Boy Loves

With a plastic snake, That’s how a boy loves. He wraps it around the milk jug In the refrigerator Or puts it under your pillow So you’ll find it in your Most… Continue reading right here

The Heartache Behind the Hashtag

Today’s post can also be found here at Refuge Coffee Co… I know I should only give a teaser with a link below, but I’ve decided to make it easy to read,… Continue reading right here

If You’re Married and (Sometimes) Lonely

There’s this one thing I still expect my husband to fix. Years ago, as the practical outcome of an epic fight, I wrote my husband a not-so-epic poem. In it, I released… Continue reading right here

All the Glory We Do Not See

Talk about humbling. I have been absent from the blogosphere for almost a month, and this is what I have to say when I return? Basically, this post is about finding God’s… Continue reading right here

How to Be a Fearbuster Mom

Callie’s instagram picture above says just about everything I want to say to young moms today: Put your game face on, but admit that you are terrified. Vulnerability and valor are not… Continue reading right here

The Number One Best Outcome When Your Kids Go Crazy (Or Life is Hard)

If you had told me back when he was thirteen years old that we would wait over a decade for our prodigal, our firstborn son, to make his way back home to… Continue reading right here

How Many Values Can One Marriage Hold?

One morning not too long ago, in a natural response these words at the end of Psalm 13—I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me—I grabbed my… Continue reading right here

The Cure for Social Media Shame

Confession: I adore instagram. I just love those tiny, forgiving pictures with their enigmatic captions, the ones you can’t expand to see better, the snapshots of all things adventurous, banal, comedic, ultra… Continue reading right here

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