One Thing That Will Improve a LOT After Your First Year of Marriage

“I know you were exaggerating,” Bill says, smiling across the table from me at one of our new favorite pubs, “but did I really make you cry every day our first year… Continue reading right here

What a Boy Smells Like

I’d lean over to kiss your head, overcome by a feral animal scent mixed with beef jerky, the odd fragrance of bog, and unashamed boy sweat. I loved it. Or at least… Continue reading right here

Lessons I’ve Learned From Our Kids About “Failure”

You and I know that failure can be a time-release sort of blessing. We bide our time through the pang of it until it does what we know it can eventually do… Continue reading right here

Four Reasons I’d Rather be Faithful Than Spiritual

I made one C in college. It was in my third quarter of Freshman German, at the downhill slope of an academic year that started out with promise due entirely to my… Continue reading right here

Friend Friday: Amy Landis

As a mother of all boys, I was always a little starstruck by the girls. Even the ones I overheard a teacher call butt heads (actual words) one day, you know, the… Continue reading right here

If Screwtape Read the Five Love Languages

Mine is Words of Affirmation. My love language, that is. My dad’s was, too, and Gift Giving. Bill’s language is Acts of Service and Quality Time. At times, this information has been… Continue reading right here

Playing House with the Proverbs 31 Woman

I know you may find the Proverbs 31 woman infuriating or challenging or impossible. I know I sure have. But be encouraged that Proverbs 31 is not a description of a day-in-the-life… Continue reading right here

Six Marriage Rules I Don’t Question Anymore (Well, Maybe Sometimes)

Today is our 36th anniversary. One night about four years ago, at a bocce ball game in the downtown apartments where Bill and I used to live, some young hipster guy told… Continue reading right here

A Long Way Off: Chapter Four

I find it fortuitous that just days after I got the pictures below from my sister, the next chapter of A Long Way Off slated to post this week was one that… Continue reading right here

Sideways: Or What Happens When Parents Tattle

Pain is the best teacher. Sometimes I do the right thing simply because I got hurt when someone else did the wrong thing. I’ve written about being careful when and how you… Continue reading right here

Exilic Evangelism or How My Generation Preached the Wrong Gospel

I remember it well, the moment I realized that my moral behavior did nothing to amaze people into loving Jesus. That my goodness will never impress unbelievers at all. And that, when… Continue reading right here

Four Reasons You Think You Want Your Kids To Depend on You, But Trust Me, You Don’t

The other day Bill said to me, “Don’t take this as an insult, but you have a very low tolerance level for dependent people.” This is funny, coming from the only human… Continue reading right here

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