The Chief of Excitement

My friends at Plywood People do much more than let me write from time to time on their blog… they inspire, educate, and encourage me to do good and to do it… Continue reading right here

Parenting, Over-Simplified

My husband is famous for his simplifications. And I am famous for resisting them. He gestures toward Point B with—to me—inappropriate idealism, and I stand there at Point A thinking—realistically—of what it… Continue reading right here

Our Children are Freaks of Mercy

I don’t think we are the only parents with a story that starts like this: “Have we told you about the time we almost killed our children?” This story is not funny,… Continue reading right here

Ten Blogging Helps for the Serious Writer

Thanks to my friends at Proskuneo School of the Arts, I had a reason this summer to feel like an expert in something. They asked me to talk to a group of… Continue reading right here

This Old Couch: Or How Our Sofas Tell Our Marriage Story

Bill and I tell each other our marriage story over and over. We started this practice somewhere around our twelfth anniversary, over dinner. First we came up with a best-of list for… Continue reading right here

When ISIS Sounds Like the Church

Like everybody else, I’m scared to death of ISIS. I’m sure some of what I feel is that old knee jerk reaction bred in my generation by the Cold War, but some… Continue reading right here

Friend Friday: Clarissa

I prayed for wives for our sons who would love them and love Jesus. Period. And God answered beyond my wildest dreams. But I did not pray that they would be my… Continue reading right here

What White Christians Need to Hear About Ferguson

There are so many things we love about our church, Blueprint: the people, of course, but also the articulate voices. So it’s a privilege to add mine to the mix today. Thanks,… Continue reading right here

How Being Late Can Be Good For Your Marriage

There’s a secret code between lovers. Bill and I have a few acronyms known only to us, hieroglyphics dashed off on the edge of his journal during church or at the top… Continue reading right here

The Lie Every Parent Believes

At least once, but most likely a thousand times, parents believe things will never change. This starts early. I breastfed all of our boys the “standard” amount of time for my generation… Continue reading right here

One Way to Sabotage Love

Sometimes there is so much naivety in a room it’s hard to think straight. Especially if the room is full of twenty-something seminary students. In a Baptist church in Texas. On a… Continue reading right here

A Long Way Off: Chapter Five

“Oh Lord, make him behave today,” I cried at 7:50 a.m. as I stealthily slid our van away from school. In a paranoia born of my own pain I sensed everyone’s eyes… Continue reading right here

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